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Editing Campaign Parameters

This article describes how to customize campaigns according to your needs. For more information on campaigns, lead statuses, rules, and other campaign-related content, please refer to Working with Campaigns article.

To edit a campaign, click the Frequent button in the Actions column and select Edit:

The Edit page contains multiple sections that allow you to customize various parameters. Below we mainly describe default settings for each functionality. If you need more information on other options, please contact the support team

Basic Settings

The basic campaign parameters are available at the top of the Edit page.

NameYou can enter any text to identify the campaign quickly. It will be displayed on the Campaigns page.
DescriptionYou can enter any text and provide additional information about the campaign visible when editing it. 
Caller ID RandomThe system will make calls from different phone numbers (DID numbers) each time. There have to be multiple numbers that match each country for this option to work. We recommend enabling this option.
ActiveWhen this check box is selected, the campaign is active and can be used to call leads.  Uncheck it to disable the campaign.  
Phone number masking enabled?If enabled, the system will mask the phone number if the user has no permissions to see it.
Show only first of last digits of phone numberIf you select this option, the lead will see only the agent's phone number's first or last digits. Define the number of digits in the field below. Enter 0 or none to show no digits.
Show first of last digitsIf you enable the setting above, also select an option from the dropdown box.

Feedback Page Settings

These settings relate to the feedback page available to the agent after the call.

Feedback page timeoutSet how many seconds the feedback page will be available to the agent after the call to choose a status and write a comment. We recommend a value from 120 to 300 sec.
Feedback Default StatusThe system will assign this status to the lead if the agent allows the feedback page to run out. The initial setting is Default Status (choose status). 
Redial LimitSet how many times the agent is allowed to redial from the feedback page if a call disconnects, usually from 1 to 5.

Permanent Assignment Settings

These parameters relate to a permanent assignment option.

Default permanent assignment expiration daysThe time period the system will leave the lead assigned to the agent. We recommend a range of 7-30 days. 
Permanent Expiration activatedLeave this check box clear.
Permanent assignment expiration days after callback timeIt should be equal to or smaller than the default value. The system uses this option if the callback time does not match the agent's shift hours, or the agent is busy. It defines the number of days the lead will be assigned to an agent from when the callback date has passed. 
Permanent assignment expiration days if agent is offlineThis field is meant for leads assigned to agents who are offline for a long time. After these many days, the leads will return to the general pool. We recommend a minimum of 5 days and no more than 30 days.

Permanent assignment 12-hours limit per agent 

This is the number of leads the agents are allowed to assign to themselves within any given shift. We recommend a number no higher than 50.
Permanent assignment total limit per agentThis is the number of leads the agents are allowed to assign to themselves in total. We recommend a number no higher than 150.

Client Caller ID

You can set a number and a name the lead will see when being called. For a number, use a real DID number. For a name, set either a generic name or a brand name.

Agent Caller ID

You can set a number and name the lead will see when being called for a personal meeting. For a number, use a real DID number. For a name, set either a generic name or a brand name.

Lead Fetch Settings

In this section, you can define how leads are fetched to a particular campaign (randomly, based on priority, or based on timezone).

No Ratio leads fetch methodThis option defines how to deal with leads with a call ratio of 1:1 (meetings and assigned leads). By default, it is the Separate Queue option, which places all leads in a separate list and gives them the highest priority when their call time arrives.
Campaign WeightThis field has to do with call management based on timezones giving priority to countries where the calling hours end. The system will call the leads in such countries with weight above the set weight first. After it has called all such leads, it will proceed to leads from other countries.
Campaign weight is set to 1300. When calling hours are ending for Germany, there are leads from Germany and the UK which is one hour ahead. The system will call all leads from Germany with a weight of 1300 and above. When done, it will proceed to UK leads. 

Fetch Leads Logic TypeBy default, it is Sorted by highest priority option. There are also other options based on priority or timezones:
  • Without any sorting - leads are called randomly based on their freshness.
  • Sorted by highest priority - leads are called based on the highest weight. The higher the weight the sooner the lead is called.
  • Unsorted part + Priority sorted - a portion of leads are sorted by weight and the rest are called randomly. 
  • Unsorted part + Priority sorted part - this option is not used.
  • Timezone sorted part + priority sorted - A portion of calls are based on timezones (the amount of time left to call each country), the rest is priority sorted.
  • Timezone (Min weight) sorted part + Priority sorted -  A portion of calls are based on timezones and minimum weight (from the Min Weight field below). Once the system runs of all such leads with min weight from a certain country, it will proceed to the next timezone. The rest of the calls are priority sorted.
  • Timezone (Min weight) sorted part + Fill by priority - This is similar to the previous option except in different percentages.
Min WeightThis field sets minimum weight for minimum weight logic. Set the minimum weight from which the system will sort/prioritize the leads based on the weight.

Direct Dial Settings

This section defines the behavior of hot leads in the campaign. Hot leads are the leads that will move to the top of the calling queue.

Direct dial weight (will always get to the call queue)The minimum weight that will define a lead as a hot lead. The default sum is 10000.
Direct dial weight (will always get to the call queue)This field relates to leads with a 1:1 ratio. These are the leads with Call Again Personal and Dropped Calls statuses. If you enter some weight value in this field, the system won't treat such leads that have lower weight as hot ones and will dial them based on a ratio as other leads.   
Direct dial statusAny Available is the default option that will use the current status of the lead.
Notify user when his permanent assigned lead becomes onlineThe agent will receive a notification that their permanent assignment lead is online and becomes a hot lead.

Call Hours

This section defines agents' working hours to call leads from each country in the country's local time.

Click Add and set calling hours for each country. You can also select the option that will set the same calling hours for all countries.

For countries with several timezones, e.g. Australia, the system will recognize the exact zone using the lead phone number.

Progressive Dialer Settings

The Auto Dial option is disabled by default. If enabled, the agents will call leads based on a fixed list set per each agent.  The system will automatically dial leads after a set delay time. 

Predictive Dialer Settings

This section defines the general call settings and system statuses if there is no answer, the subscriber is busy, etc.

Show End Call button after this amount of seconds of callBy default, it is set to 5 seconds. This option defines how many seconds into the call the agent will receive the option to end it. It will allow agents to hang up if the lead is not interested completely.
Max Allowed Ringing DurationBy default, it is set to 30. This is the maximum amount of time the call will ring before hung up.
Call Origination TimeoutBy default, it is set to 60 seconds. This is the maximum amount of time to wait without the call connecting (no ring). 
Default Timeout StatusThis field defines which status the lead will get if there is no answer (after Max Allowed Ringing Duration time runs out).
Default Busy StatusThis field defines which status the lead will get if the line is busy.
Default Error StatusThis field defines which status the lead will get if there is no ring (after the Call Origination Timeout time runs out).
Default Fax StatusThis option is no longer used.

Predictive Duration Beeps

This section allows setting beep sounds to inform agents that they have been on the call for too long. Click Add Duration Beep, insert a time interval and define sound parameters using the controls on the right.

Dropped Call Settings

You can define which status the lead will get in case of a dropped call when there is no agent to receive the call. Next time when calling the same lead the system will ensure there is an available agent.

Dropped Call StatusThe status the lead will get when the call is dropped.
Timeout for searching for available agent This is how long a call will be online once the lead has answered and there is no available agent. You can set it to a few seconds.

Predictive Dropped Call Action 

This option defines what action to take if a call is dropped. The default option Hangup call (no options need) is to hang up and call back when an agent is available.
Predictive Dropped Call Action OptionsThis setting is not used.
Number of seconds to wait till fall to default actionThis setting is not used.

Hold Settings

You can allow agents to place leads on hold. You can also upload an audio file the lead will hear while on hold.

Voicemail Settings

The Voicemail settings define what should happen if there is a voicemail from a client.

UploadYou can upload an audio file to play in case the call reaches voicemail.
Play Voicemail playbackSelect an option from the dropdown list to play the recording when a call reaches a voicemail of any given lead.

Default Voice Mail Status

Select a status the lead will get when the call is answered by voice mail.
Voice Mail Button Status *optionalNew in 2020/10/11 release The agent will assign a selected voice mail status by pressing the voice mail button. By default, it is not selected, which means that the system will take the status from the Default Voice Mail Status field. 
Hide Voicemail button when dialing to Permanently Assigned LeadIf you select this option, the agents won't be able to mark leads with Call Again - Personal status as voice mail.
Hide VoiceMail button after this amount of seconds of call  This field defines in how many seconds the system will deactivate the voice mail button for agents. You can set it to 30 or above.
AMD Type  If enabled, the AMD (Answering Machine Detection) will locate 85%-90% of all voice mail calls. This option assists agents in receiving more real calls. 
AMD/BEEP Max Duration  Please refer to the documentation on the Answering Machine Detection module. We recommend contacting support for assistance when configuring these settings.

Remote Leads Data Settings

This section defines which information about each lead will be available to agents.

Leads Remote Data URL (use {original_identifier} for remote ID, {secret} for md5 4 chars)Enter the URL to connect to your CRM.
Remote screen will be shown on call screenWhen enabled, it will embed the CRM page in the feedback screen.
Remote screen will be shown on call screenThis option is not used.
Remote CRM (Adapter) Leads Creation Channel  This option is not used.
In Call Lead Info Data FieldsThe fields about the lead the system will show to the agent. This is a summary of the most important information about the lead.
In Call Extended Lead Info Data FieldsAdditional information about the lead is shown if the agent clicks extended lead info. By default, the fields are the same as in the previous option.

In Call Iframe Preload Lead Info Fields

This option defines what data from the iframe the agent will see until it is uploaded completely. The default option is to have the same info as in the previous fields.

DNC Settings

This section refers to additional Do-Not-Call services.

CommPeak DNC API KeyEnter the username for the API connection.
CommPeak DNC API SecretEnter the password for the API connection.
Add Prefix For DNC CheckClick this button to include countries to check.

Speech Recognition Settings

This section refers to speech recognition.

CommPeak Speech Recognition TokenPlease contact the support team for a token.
Speech Recognition Enabled?Select this option to enable the Speech Recognition feature.
Speech Recognition SideChoose which side you wish to transcribe - lead only, agent only, or both sides. Please note that the price for transcribing both sides is different.
Minimum Recording Duration for Speech RecognitionEnter minimum conversation length in seconds to start speech recognition.
Speech Recognition After these StatusesYou can select statuses for which you wish to enable this feature.
Speech Recognition Default Language Choose the default language for this feature.
Speech Recognition Languages (up to 3)If your leads are multi-lingual, you can select up to three languages to receive the transcripts.
Speech Recognition per Country SettingsYou can configure speech recognition settings for specific countries. For example, for Spain, you can choose to transcribe only Spanish and English.
Speech Recognition Callback URLSpecify the URL where the transcripts will be stored.
Speech Recognition Callback MethodPUT is the default option
Speech Recognition Callback Data (speech_result, speech_phrases, speech_task_state and lead fields placeholders available)This field relates to the CDR data. You can specify the fields you wish to include.

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