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To test your sound quality, adjust your microphone and headset settings, and set your ringtone and sounds, click SETTINGS at the bottom of the screen and choose the needed option in the menu that appears.

In the mini mode, click the ellipsis button and select Settings.

The settings will open in the full mode.

Test Call

Click Test call to check your sound quality. A test call will start and you will be able to hear how your voice sounds.

Microphone & Headset Settings

Click Microphone & Headset Settings to adjust your input and output sound.

  • To change the microphone settings, select the Input Volume option.
    In the Input Microphone window that opens, you can:

    • set the input volume to the level you need

    • see the volume level as you speak

    • select the input device

  • To change the headset settings, select the Output Volume option.
    In the Output Volume window that appears, you can:

    • set the  volume to the level you need

    • select the output device

Ringtone and Sounds

In the Ringtone and Sounds section, you can select your ringtone, the device that will play it, and modify other sound settings.

  • To select the ringtone, click on the field under Choose ringtone, and in the list that opens, choose the tone you need.

  • To choose the device to play the ringtone, click on the field under Play ringtone from and select the device in the list displayed.

  • To set the volume of your ringtone and sounds, place the volume in the needed position.

  • To turn on/off specific softphone sounds, use the respective toggle switch.

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