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Making Calls

To start your call, click numbers on the dialpad or enter the number into the field above it. Then click the dial button.

In the mini mode, enter the number in the suggested field and click the dial button.

When a call comes in, the number of the caller appears on your screen. To receive an incoming call, click Accept. If you cannot receive it, click Decline.

In the mini mode, click the dial or the call end button, respectively.

To complete your call, click the call end button.

When you are on an active call, there are a few clickable buttons available:

  • Transfer

  • Mute

  • Hold 

  • Keypad

  • Add call

In the mini mode, you can see the Keypad, Mute, and Hold buttons, the ellipsis button and the call end button. You can get to Transfer Call, Add Call, Call History, and expand the window to the full mode via the ellipsis button.


To redirect your call to another agent:

  1. Click Transfer.

  2. In the window that opens, enter the number to transfer the call to.

  3. Choose any of the two options:

    • TRANSFER NOW – the call is directly transferred to another agent.

    • TALK FIRST – you will be able to talk to the agent before transferring the call to them.

In the mini mode, click the ellipsis button, and then click Transfer. Enter the needed number or name and choose whether to directly transfer the call or talk first.


To make your microphone silent, click Mute. You’ll still be able to hear the other party while they don't hear you.

Click Unmute to let the other party hear you again.

In the mini mode, click the Mute button to mute your microphone.

Click it again to turn your sound back on. 


To place your active call on hold, click Hold

Click Unhold to connect back to the call.

In the mini mode, click the Hold button to place the call on hold.

Click it again to return to the call.


To have a keypad in front of you, click Keypad. Your ongoing call(s) will be displayed in the green header above the keypad. 

To return back to the call view, click on the header.

In the mini mode, click Keypad to show the softphone keypad and click again to hide it. 

Add Call

To start one more call, click Add Call, enter the number, and click the dial button.

In the mini mode, click Add Call and manually enter the needed number or name, then click the dial button. 

One agent can have up to six calls at a time. All of them are displayed in a list of active calls.

If you are on one call, other lines are put on hold. However, it’s possible to create a conference call where there are two or more active lines. 


To add a call to the conference, click the merge icon next to it. If you end the conference, all participants are disconnected.

In the mini mode, you can add the conference call participants alike to the full mode – click the merge icon.

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