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Identities and Country Regulations

CommPeak DID Support team creates identities based on the information that you provide to them. Identities that must accompany the numbers represent a person or a company to whom the numbers belong. 

Identity is required before purchasing any DID number.

If you plan to purchase more DIDs for other identities, you can create them yourself. When your information changes, you can send us a request to update it.

To view, update, or delete an identity:

  1. Click on DIDS in the menu on the left.
  2. Expand the Identities tab. You will see a list of your identities. Please find descriptions of the columns in the table below.
  3. To edit an identity, click on the edit icon, update information in the form, and click SAVE CHANGES. The CommPeak DID Support team will approve your pending changes.
  4. To remove an identity, click on the delete icon.
You won't be able to delete an identity which has DIDs assigned to it.
If you wish to change identity for a number, please contact the support team.
Identity TypeCompany or personal.
NameName of the company or individual to whom the number belongs.
CountryCountry of your residence or company registration.
CityCity of your residence or company registration.
UpdatedStatus of your update request.
DIDsNumber of DIDs which belong to the person or company with a link to inventory.
Controls to edit or delete your identity.

To create a new identity:

 Click on the plus icon next to the number of identities. Fill in the form (fields marked with * are mandatory). Then click  SAVE CHANGES.

If DIDs require documents (e.g., copies of passport or ID, etc.), you can click Add File at the bottom of the form and attach them to the identity. 

You can find more information about additional documents and other regulations in the Country Regulations section. To open the section, expand the Country Regulations tab.

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