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DID Numbers - Getting Started

DIDs is a phone company service that allows you to have unique virtual phone numbers for each person or workstation. You can allocate individual phone numbers within your PBX system. DIDs are an essential part of the successful calling, which leads to a higher answer rate and more effective calls.

We highly advise you to order at least 2-3 virtual numbers per each country you will call.
Virtual numbers are necessary if you plan to use the CommPeak Dialer.

To purchase DIDs, contact support. You can send an email and provide the information below:

  • Prefix or country
  • City or location
  • Amount of DIDs to purchase

Let us know if you wish to buy geographical (in a specific city), national (not restricted to a particular city or area), or toll-free numbers. For a geo number, mention the locality.

1. Some DIDs require documents, e.g., passport or ID, company registration certificate, etc.
2. There are countries for which we are unable to provide DIDs due to the strict country regulations.
3. Some countries can change their regulation laws. We will request additional documents in case of such changes.

After you send a request, CommPeak DID Support team place a purchase order. They will also ask you for some information to create your identity.

If you already have virtual numbers, you can use them in our system as well.

Your numbers will appear in the DIDS section of the menu on the left in your CommPeak User Portal. The dashboard shows you how many numbers you own. 

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