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Creating SMS Channels

You send SMS using your own password-protected channels that connect you to the CommPeak platform for SMS messaging. You can create up to 10 channels for your brand advertisements, business promotions, transaction confirmations, end-user alerts, or other SMS events. 

To create an SMS channel: 

  1. Click SMS in the main menu on the left to open the SMS page with expanded SMS Channels tab. 
  2. Initially, the system will notify you that you have no channels and will invite you to create one. Click CREATE SMS CHANNEL:
  3. Create SMS Channel pane will open on the right. Populate the fields as instructed in the table below and click CREATE SMS CHANNEL. Click on the close button in the top left corner to close the pane and proceed later: Create SMS Channel
Field Instructions 
Name It is a combination of any letters, numbers, or symbols. As an example, it can refer to your brand.

Select one of the available products:

  • Direct - this product with the highest delivery level provides the best quality routes and supports all sender ID types.
  • Gold - this product with an adequate delivery level provides good quality routes and supports some default sender IDs like alpha name or just numeric.
  • Wholesale - this product provides good quality routes with only numeric sender IDs, mostly SIM box termination. Transactional and promotional routes are also available.
Prices of outbound SMS messages are available on the Pricing page. To open it, click PRICING in the main menu on the left. Then go to the SMS tab.
IPEnter the source IP address from which you will send SMS messages. If you use SMPP integration, it is the IP address of your SMPP server. In the case of HTTP integration, it is the IP address of your CRM system or business portal.
Username It should be a combination of letters and numbers (minimum eight and maximum 20 characters).  
Password It should be a combination of letters and numbers (minimum eight and maximum 20 characters).
Enable channelCheck this box to enable the SMS channel right away.

The newly created channel will appear on the SMS page. You can add up to ten channels by clicking on the plus button next to the number of channels. 

Edit or delete your channels by clicking on the edit or delete buttons at the end of the channel line. For instance, when a specific SMS campaign has ended, you could either rename a channel associated with it or create a new one for the next campaign.  CommPeak SMS Channels

You also need to integrate the SMS channel with your business portal or CRM system. CommPeak provides two ways of integration to choose from:
  • HTTP API for HTTP/HTTPS connection or
  • SMPP for SMPP/SMPPS connection.
Follow the links at the bottom of the SMS page to open the articles with HTTP API description or SMPP technical information. Contact support if you need assistance.

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