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Profile Settings

In the Profile section of the CommPeak user portal, you can change your personal and company data, update your password, set notification sending rules, and view payment-related information.

To open the Profile section, VIEW PROFILE.

Profile Tab

In this tab, you can update your personal information. 

  • PROFILE: you can update your first and last name, and change your timezone. However, you cannot update the UID assigned to you by the system at signup and the email address you have used for signup.
  • IDENTITY: enter the details of your company. Remember that without company details, CommPeak will not be able to issue an invoice.
  • PHONE NUMBERS: here you can update the phone number specified at signup and add more phone numbers.
  • ADDRESS: fill in your company's address.
  • BILLING ADDRESS: leave the check box selected if your billing address is the same as the address specified above. Otherwise, remove the check mark and enter the details of your billing address.

After making all the necessary changes, click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.

Password Tab

Here you can change your password. After entering your new password, click SAVE CHANGES.

SMS Account Tab

Here you activate or deactivate your SMS account. If you deactivate SMS services, you will no longer receive SMS balance notifications and will not be able to add credit to your SMS balance. 

Notifications Tab

This tab enables you to turn on or off certain notifications, set their recurrence, and determine to which emails the notifications will be sent.

For details on setting up notifications, please refer to the Notification Settings article.

Payment History

Here you will see the history of all your payments. You can switch between tabs where your payments are filtered by category: Top Ups, Deductions, Subscriptions, and Temporary Credits.

To filter the payments by date, select the date range in the respective field and click SEARCH.

Invoices Tab

Here you can view the list of issued invoices and the details of each invoice: date, amount, period, and status. 

You can also select if you wish the invoices to be issued weekly or monthly. 

To view the invoice and save it in a  PDF or CSV file or in Xero, click View.

Recurring Payments Tab

The Recurring Payments tab contains the list of payments performed automatically based on the top-up settings you have previously made. Automatic account top-up is available for the Credit Card payment type. 

Here you can modify the recurring payment settings. Click EDIT THRESHOLD and in the window that pops up, change the deposit sum, the threshold at which you wish to refill your balance or the maximum number of auto payments per day. Then click UPDATE

Open Credit Lines

This tab shows active credit lines that must be paid off.


Credits can be given as an exception to reliable customers at their request, in the sum no more than two-day worth of their average spending.

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