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Notification Settings

In the CommPeak user portal profile settings, you can set which notifications you want to receive and to which emails they will be sent. 

To open notification settings, click VIEW PROFILE

Then on the page displayed, expand the Notifications tab. 


Use the toggles to turn on/off the following notifications:

  • Balance Threshold Notification. Set the balance threshold at which you will receive a message notifying you that you should add credit to your account. By selecting the respective check box, you choose to be notified daily until you top up your balance.
  • Daily Usage Report. Turn this notification on to receive a daily summary of your account activity.
  • Periodic Usage Report. Here you can choose if you want to receive detailed statistics on your account, and how often - weekly or monthly. 
  • CDR Log Report. Define if you want to receive a call data record log and how often.


In this section, specify one or more emails where the listed notifications will be sent. 

Notification Name
DefaultThis field is automatically filled with the email you specified at signup. All notifications will be sent here if no other email is specified in any subsequent field.
If you want to receive notifications on various subjects to different emails, enter them in one of the fields that follow.
Low BalanceThis is a reminder about low balance on your account. It will be sent according to the settings specified in Balance Threshold Notification in the section above.
A notification regarding the status of your payments: approved, in review, declined, etc.
Rates UpdateNotifications on updates to voice call and SMS rates. 
Daily ReportDaily reports on your account usage (provided this notification is activated in Daily Usage Report in the section above).
Weekly/Monthly ReportWeekly or monthly account statistics - depending on the settings in the Periodic Usage Report field above.
Monitoring ReportThe report is sent to you if you have set up spam check for DID numbers. It shows which of your DID numbers are marked as spam in caller identification programs.
Recurring Services/DID NotificationsReminders on your upcoming payments for recurring services and DID number usage.

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