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Caller ID Setup

For each SIP account, you can set the phone number to display to the terminating party at outbound calls. 

When you are using your trial credit, this feature is blocked. To make it available, please top up your account.

To set your caller ID:

  1. In the menu on the left, select Setup.
  2. On the SIP Accounts tab, on the line for the required SIP account, click the Edit button.
    The page for SIP account editing will be displayed. 
  3. In the CALLER ID section, select the default caller type.
    • Caller ID set by Caller - the ID displayed will be based on the configuration made on the softphone. 

    • Always Blocked - the caller ID will always be hidden.

    • Fixed Caller ID - the caller ID will be based on the settings you make in the SIP account:
      - In the Default Caller ID Number field, specify the caller ID to be used for every outgoing call from this SIP account.
      - Optionally, in the Default Caller ID Name field, enter the name you would like to be displayed to the callee.  

Sometimes the caller ID name cannot be displayed to the callee due to their mobile provider’s restrictions. This is beyond CommPeak’s responsibility.


Using fake or invalid phone numbers is prohibited and being thoroughly monitored by CommPeak. Accounts using fraud phone numbers will be blocked.

Dynamic Caller ID

In the Dynamic rules field, you can select the previously created rules you want to use for displaying the caller IDs you need for various cases.

To add a dynamic caller ID rule:

  1. Click CREATE NEW RULE at the bottom of the CALLER ID tab. 

    Alternatively, go to the Dynamic Caller ID tab in SETUP and click on the plus sign next to the Dynamic rules box. 
  2. In the window that appears, fill in the fields:
    Rule LabelEnter the name of the rule.
    When Dialed Number Starts with:Specify the starting digits of the dialed number.
    Use Blocked Number Instead of Caller ID NumberSelect the check box to hide the caller ID when dialing the numbers according to the rule.
    Set Caller ID Number to (E.164 Format):Specify the number to display to the callee. Mind that the number should comply with the E.164 format for international telephone numbers.
    Set Caller ID NameOptionally, enter the name to display to the callee.
  3. Click SAVE RULE.
You want to set a German DID number for outgoing calls to Germany.
Under When Dialed Number Starts with: you should enter the country prefix for Germany (49).
Under Set Caller ID Number to (E.164 Format): enter the German DID number you are going to use as your caller ID for outgoing calls to Germany (e.g., +493012345678).

After you finish setting up the caller ID, click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.

You can view and edit the created dynamic caller rules in the Dynamic Caller ID tab.

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