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Lead History

You can view the history of all the actions related to a certain lead in the Lead History window. 

To open the Lead History window:

  1. Expand the Leads tab and click Lead Search.
  2. In the Lead Search Results window that opens, click Show Leads to see all the available leads.
    Otherwise, you can search for a specific lead by entering its ID, or specify search criteria to narrow the list of leads shown.

    To use more search options, click Advanced Search.
    New in 2020/10/11 release Added an option to filter by call amount. 

  3. Click Show Leads.
    You will see the list of leads generated according to the filters you have set.

  4. On the line for the required lead, in the Actions column, click Select action, and in the drop-down list that appears, select View History. 

The lead history opens. It includes the list of all actions related to the lead, latest to earliest, shows the users who performed them, and gives details on each action.

You can filter the history by action types, selecting one of the values in the drop-down list. 

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