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Call Records List Report

The Call Records List report provides detailed data on all calls made using Dialer. 

To open the report, click Reports -> Call Records List.

To limit the pool of displayed results, use one or more filters under Search Calls by Filter and click Search

The results are displayed in the table below.




The call ID. If you click the call ID button, you will see a copyable link to the public location where the call recording is stored and can be played by a third-party user, provided they have appropriate permissions. 

Lead ID

The ID of the lead in the system

Call Type

Displays the type of the call: predictive, manual, etc.

Start at

Date and time when the call started

Related to

The customer’s name

Original Identifier

Lead identifier used in the CRM


The campaign the call is related to/the group the calling agent is related to


The status assigned to the call after its completion

Caller User

The agent’s name


Call duration including the ringing time

Bill Duration

Duration after the call was answered


The party that ended the call: the customer, the agent, or the system

Caller ID

The agent’s phone number displayed to the customer


The customer’s phone number


Shows if the call was successful (OK) or not (Fail)


Click the button to play the recorded call and/or download it.

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