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Predictive Realtime Stats

This page allows you to track the operation of your group (for group managers) or the whole call center (for call center managers) real-time. 

To open the Predictive Realtime Stats page, click Realtime or Realtime Dashboard on the Dialer home page.

1. Group Statistics

At the top of the page, you can see the list of active groups and statistics for each group. It includes the following:

Column Name



The number of calls the system makes per free agent (having the state “Waiting for a call”).

The system calculates the optimal value depending on the drop rate, based on the custom drop rate settings.

Users (online/total)

The current number of users in the group:

Online – connected in the Predictive Dialing mode

Total – both online and offline

Leads (available - loaded/direct/calling/in call)

The number of leads being processed by the group:

Available – leads ready to be processed at the moment

Loaded – leads the system has included in the calling queue due to the highest priority among all available leads 

Direct – specially flagged high-priority leads included in a dedicated queue

Calling – leads the system is dialing at the moment

In call – the number of current conversations

Drop Rate

The percentage of this group’s calls dropped by the system due to all agents being in a call

Avg. idle time

The average time that agents of the group spend waiting for new calls. The first number is the total time between calls, and the second number is the average time agents spend on the feedback page.

Skill Groups

The groups by skills that agents calling leads from this group belong to (for example, there can be skill groups by language or experience) 


Contains buttons for performing various actions related to the specific group

To view more information on a group, click Show Details in the Actions column. You will see details on ratio, leads, calls, users, and drop rate.

2. Agent Statistics

Below the group list, there is the agent list displaying realtime details for all agents you are allowed to view according to your permissions, or a selected group of agents. 

To view information on a group of agents, click the required group in the group list above.

You can customize the table:
- Set the scope of custom data displayed for the Call Details/Clocked out reason column
- Assign colors to lines and sort them by event or state

The basic columns in the agent statistics table are:

Name Displays the agent’s name and the buttons for performing actions related to this agent
Last Action DurationShows the duration of the current action (e.g., talking to the lead, submitting feedback, etc.)
Status Shows the action the agent is currently performing.
Call Details/Clocked out reason

If the agent is clocked in, it displays the information about the current call based on previously made settings, such as customer name, country, ID, etc.
To view additional information on the lead, click the eye button . This will open the lead page where you can view lead details and recorded call history.
To listen to any past conversation with the lead, in the Recorded Calls section, click Play Record in the Listen column.
If the agent is clocked out, the column shows the reason for clocking out.

Avg. Idle TimeDisplays the average time the agent spends between calls. The first number is the total time between calls, and the second number is the average time spent on filling the feedback page.


 Enable Whisper - click to connect to the agent’s call, listen to it, and interact with the agent or the lead after pressing the relevant number mentioned in the whisper help:

Pause Agent - click to pause the agent’s work after he completes the current call. The agent will receive a message informing him of the pause reason and will not be able to continue calling leads until the manager clicks Unpause and releases the agent.

Clockout Agent - click to clock out the agent after he completes the current call.

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