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Profile Settings


  1. User Portal => View Profile => Profile

    -Kindly fill in all the details found in profile section

    -Pay attention to Timezone section

In addition, fill in the company name.

**Note, that without company details we won’t be able to issue an invoice.


If the Billing Address is the same as your Company address, please, In case you have a different billing address, please, fill it in as shown in the attached picture.

  1. User Portal => View Profile => Notifications

Very important to update the Balance Threshold notification. You will be notified by email when your account reaches the inserted amount.

Insert relevant emails to Low Balance, Payment/Postpay, and Recurring Services/DID Notifications and click on Save Changes.

  1. User Portal => View Profile => Payment History

    This section shows you the history of all your transactions – Top Ups, Deductions, Subscriptions, and history of all temporary credits. It is possible to download the reports as CSV files, by clicking on the arrow button found on the right side of the screen.

  2. User Portal => View Profile => Recurring Payments

    If you have a recurring payment agreement, you can find it in the Recurring Payments section. Kindly note that you can cancel the agreement at any time from this tab. Note, that recurring payment is possible only with Credit Card.

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