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SIP account and CID Set Up

SIP account

Go to Set Up => Sip Accounts

There is one SIP account created automatically once opening the account.

In order to create an additional SIP account – click on “plus” as on the print screen below:


  • SIP Channel Name
  • Channel Limit should be 0 (Zero)
  • Default Tech. Prefix 021001 -A-Z Platinum

Caller ID

In this section, you can manipulate the caller ID.
 Caller ID set by Caller – The caller ID configuration is made on the softphone. -Always blocked – hidden caller ID.

Fixed Caller ID:
put the desired caller ID in the ‘default caller ID number’ field. This caller ID will be used for every call going out from this SIP account.

Note- Invalid numbers are monitored and may lead to sanctions on your account.


Dynamic Caller ID

In Dynamic caller ID you can set multiple rules for caller ID.

For example, if you want to set your Russia DID for outgoing calls only to Russia, you will need to put the country prefix in the ‘when dialed number starts with’ field (In case of Russia it is 7 – use google for the prefixes). Then, in the ‘set called ID number to’ field put the relevant Russian DID.
You can also choose a caller ID name but this is rarely used.
After finishing press ‘save changes’.




Leave as default


There is an option to configure an Access List for the SIP account. It means that only the IPs that we put in will be able to use this SIP account. You can either add an IP ACL to password authentication or use only IP authentication.


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