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Advanced Account Verification

In some cases, you are required to take additional steps to use advanced features of CommPeak's products, for example, to call certain destinations or purchase certain DIDs. 

If advanced verification of your identity, called KYC verification, is needed, you will see a pop-up window once you log in to your account at my.commpeak.com. 

If you were prompted by the system to perform advanced verification for your CommPeak account and you want to do it now, make sure you have prepared the following documents beforehand for a faster and smoother process:
  1. Company registration certificate - a valid government-issued company registration certificate from the country of incorporation
  2. Proof of address - a valid utility bill issued to the company within the latest 3 months, with clear address and name
    !Note that the company name should be the same as on your company registration certificate. 
  3. Personal ID - personal ID / passport / driver's license

In the pop-up window, you can click on the link or the button to proceed further, which will require submitting documents to verify your identity. 

Otherwise, if you select the DON'T SHOW AGAIN checkbox, you won't see this message pop up anymore.

You can still perform advanced verification later by clicking your name in the bottom left corner of the page and selecting Account Settings, but until you complete the advanced verification, we will not be able to provide the service for which we requested the process.

To start advanced verification:

  1. Click on the link or the button in the pop-up window displayed above, or click on your name in the bottom left corner of the page and select Account Settings. You will get to the Account tab of your profile settings. 
  3. In the window that pops up, you need to verify your business identity by following the instructions in the steps below. 

Step 1

Enter your company's legal name and upload a company registration document. Then click NEXT

Step 2

Upload a proof of your company's address and click NEXT

Step 3

Now you need to perform a few more actions for the system to verify your identity.

  1. Verify your email. Enter your email to receive a verification code, then enter the code in the suggested boxes and click NEXT.
  2. Verify your phone number in the same way. 
  3. Next, you will be asked to upload your identity document.
    Starting from this step, you can stay on the computer, or switch to your phone.

To continue with your computer:

  1. Select the document issuing country, and you'll see which document types are supported for this country. 
  2. Select the document type.
  3. Upload your document, following the instructions thoroughly, and click NEXT.
  4. When the document is uploaded, you need to pass a liveness check. Take a selfie with your computer's camera according to the prompts from the system.
  5. After all the steps are completed, the system will take some time to check your data.
  6. It will let you know when the documents are uploaded successfully.

To continue with your phone: 

  1. Starting the document uploading step, scroll down in the pop-up window and click Continue on phone.
  2. Click COPY LINK and paste the link in your mobile browser, or scan the QR code that appears on the screen with your phone.
  3. You will see the same interface open on your phone, where you can take the same actions as described for your computer, according to the instructions. 

    The interface on your computer will update as you perform actions on your phone.
  4. When all the verification steps are completed, the system will take some time to check your data.
  5. It will let you know when you can close your phone's window.

You will be notified when your account is successfully verified and you can take advantage of all the advanced features now available to you.

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