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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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CommPeak provides a paid speech recognition service that you can add to your CommPeak Dialer system. It works similarly to converting VoIP calls to text available in your CommPeak User Portal account. 

You can transcribe your agents' voice calls and then do the following:

  • access transcription texts through the Call Records List report
  • search for a specific text using the Search Text in Calls report.

If you wish to enable the Speech-to-Text feature in your CommPeak Dialer, submit a ticket to CommPeak support team. They will accept your request, inform you about the cost of the service, provide further instructions and explain available settings. 

In your CommPeak Dialer, you can configure the following Speech-to-Text settings per campaign:

  • which side to transcribe - lead, agent, or both sides (please consult with your CRM provider regarding the related expenses) 
  • the default language of your calls and up to three additional languages
  • the minimum duration of the call to be transcribed
  • specify to calls resulting with which statuses you wish to apply the feature
  • specify to calls from which countries you wish to apply the feature.

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