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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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Voice Mail Detection

CommPeak customers can enable the free Answering Machine Detection (AMD). This feature identifies if the call was answered by a human or not. Automatic voice mail detection is capable of recognizing up to 85 % of all voicemails in the CommPeak Dialer, thus minimizing the time your agents spend on machine calls.

We recommend enabling this feature if you have a minimum of ten agents connected to your user group in the Dialer. The reason for this recommendation is that enabling this feature will increase the agents' idle time and affect the drop rate. When the system detects a voicemail, it doesn't connect the call with an agent. It considers the call as answered but not passed to the agent and therefore counts it as a dropped call.

If you wish to try the automatic voicemail detection in your CommPeak Dialer system, submit a ticket to our support or contact your account manager. They will accept your request, provide further instructions and explain available settings.

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