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Before you purchase DID numbers, you should have identities that match the requirements for the numbers you are going to purchase. 

Identities include personal or company details and in some cases, additional documents. Our team will let you know which documents you need to provide, depending on the type and location of the DID you are purchasing.

To view, create, edit, or delete your identities, expand the DIDs section in the main menu and click Identities.

You will see your identities in the table.


Please find descriptions of the table columns below.

Identity Type Company or personal
Name Name of the company or individual to whom the number belongs
Country Country of your residence or company registration
City City of your residence or company registration
Updated Status of your update request
Phone The phone number registered with the identity
Email The email registered with the identity
DIDs Number of DIDs which belong to the person or coDIDsmpany with a link to the inventory
Controls to edit or delete your identity

To edit an identity, click on the edit icon, update information in the form, and click SAVE CHANGES. The CommPeak support team will approve your pending changes.

To remove an identity, click on the delete icon.


You won't be able to delete an identity that has DIDs assigned to it.

To create a new identity:

  1.  Click on the plus icon next to the number of identities.
  2. On the page that opens, fill in the identity details (fields marked with * are mandatory). Then click  SAVE CHANGES.
  3. Verify your email and phone number.
  4. If DIDs require documents (e.g., copies of your passport or ID, etc.), you can upload them on the DOCUMENTATION tab. 
    Then click SAVE CHANGES.
  5. Read the information on the SUBMISSION FOR APPROVAL tab carefully and submit your data.

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