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FTP Accounts

You can create FTP accounts for your Cloud PBX or Dialer, access the CommPeak FTP server and download files with call recordings.

Creating FTP Accounts

To create an FTP account:

  1. In the CommPeak portal, expand Dialer and click Dialer Instances. Or you can expand Cloud PBX and click PBX Instances.
  2. Click the FTP Accounts button in the controls on the right of PBX or Dialer instance:
  3. In the FTP Accounts sidebar that opens, click the plus icon.
  4. Choose access type:
    View Only to allow downloading recording files or
    View and write to enable downloading, uploading, and deleting the files.
  6. A message box will appear on the screen with new FTP account credentials.

Before closing the message box, make sure to copy the password because it will not appear again. You will be able to reset it later, as shown in the last section of the article.

The new account appears in the FTP Accounts sidebar:

To remove an account, click the delete icon for it. Please bear in mind that this action is irreversible!

Connecting to the FTP Server

You can connect to the FTP server with call recording files via your client using the generated credentials. We recommend third-party software, such as FileZilla, for easier access to the server.


It is necessary to use third-party software to take advantage of the Write privilege for deleting recordings.

Reference Information

Below you can find reference information about the server, its directory structure, and file index:

  • hostname URL: ftp://recordings.commpeak.com
  • FTP port: 23
  • directory structure: /{year}/{month}/{day}/{audio file with outgoing or incoming call recording}
  • file index format:
    • outgoing call {out}-{destination (lead) number}-{agent extension ID}-{date}-{time}-{unique ID}
    • incoming call {in}-{number routed towards the PBX or Dialer}-{number from which the person called}-{date}-{time}-{unique ID}



Access Control List

You can configure access rules for your FTP accounts.

To set IP ACL:

  1. Go to the IP ACLtab in the FTP Accounts sidebar.
  2. Enter an IP address with a subnet mask.
  3. Click the plus icon.
  4. Repeat the steps to add more IPs.

Access Log

You can view a summary for the selected date range or download a log file with more detailed information.

To view access details:

  1. Go to the Access Summary tab in the FTP Accounts sidebar.
  2. Select a date range in the interactive calendar or use presets.
  3. Click Search.
  4. You will see how many files were opened or deleted, as well as the amount of uploaded and downloaded data during the selected period.
  5. Click the download icon to save a CSV file with an FTP access log. The log contains more details, such as IP address, exact time, action, downloaded file path, and errors, if any.

Password Reset

To reset passwords for FTP accounts:

  1. Open the Accounts tab in the FTP Accounts sidebar.
  2. Click RESET PASSWORD and then agree to proceed.
  3. The system will send an email message with further instructions to the email address of your portal account.
  4. Once you click the link in the message, the system will generate a new password.

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