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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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Managing Your Messages

To access your messages sent in campaigns, select Messages from the main menu on the left. 

Use filters at the top to search by a campaign, date, Sender ID, or other parameters.  Enter or select the necessary values in the filter fields and click APPLY.

To display all messages with clicked Short or Opt-out URLs in specific campaigns, select the needed option(s) in the Clicks dropdown list. 

To cancel filtering, click RESET.

Refer to the following table for column descriptions. The total number of messages that satisfy selected filters is shown above the list.

Column Description
Checkbox Select the checkbox in the header to select all messages or choose them one by one
Campaign Name of the message campaign
Date Date and time of message creation
Sender ID Name or number you selected in the From field when creating a campaign
To Subscriber name
Status Messages can have the following statuses: 
  • initialized
  • pending
  • paused
  • aborted
  • sent
  • delivered
  • opted-out
  • sent_failed
  • undelivered
  • no_routes
  • sending
Messages Click Read message to view its content
Price Message cost
Link Opened

 The recipient clicked the link


The recipient didn't click the link


Additional Actions

Click the three dots icon for other actions:


  • Export - create a task to download a message as a CSV file

    To download several messages, select them in the list and click Export selected above the table.

  • Delete - click to remove the message, then confirm

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