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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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Getting Started with TextPeak

CommPeak SMS platform (TextPeak) operates directly from a browser. All users can enter the platform using the https://textpeak.commpeak.com/login link.


Account Owners

The account owners can log in to TextPeak from their my.commpeak.com accounts. Select SMS > SMS Platform in the main menu, then click Login to Textpeak.


If you wish to login to TextPeak from your my.commpeak.com account, you need to activate the SMS service as described in the SMS Service - Getting Started article.

After your first login, you will see a welcome screen. Your SMS account balance is displayed in the top right corner.


You can go ahead with creating your first campaign. To start an SMS campaign, complete the following steps:

  1. Create custom fields (optional)
  2. Add a contact list
  3. Create a message template
  4. Configure a domain (optional)
  5. Create a campaign

TextPeak Team Members

TextPeak team members receive email invitations to join the platform. mceclip2.png

Clicks CONFIRM and complete your registration.

After you click Register, a popup screen welcomes you to the CommPeak SMS platform. You can perform your tasks according to your role.


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