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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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What are CommPeak's SIP proxy addresses?

CommPeak has a large network of globally distributed POPs. We recommend making a ping test from your own network where the media servers are located to find the closest POP to your network:

  • useast.sip.commpeak.com 
  • uswest.sip.commpeak.com 
  • br.sip.commpeak.com
  • au.sip.commpeak.com 
  • sg.sip.commpeak.com 
  • tw.sip.commpeak.com 
  • eu1.sip.commpeak.com
  • eu2.sip.commpeak.com
  • za.sip.commpeak.com
  • hkg.sip.commpeak.com

You can always use sip.commpeak.com which will attempt to determine the POP that is closest to you.

Due to technical limitations, it will not always return the best results for you. We are aware that not all SIP proxies support the DNS-based configuration of peers, which is why we will notify you via email in case we plan to change an IP address for a POP. However, we strongly advise using a DNS-based configuration if possible.


For the list of CommPeak's IP addresses, you can refer to this article: CommPeak's IP Address Ranges‍ 

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