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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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Click2Call Information for CRM Developers

Click2Call integration is based on receiving the API GET request from whitelisted CRM IPs to process the request. IPs need to be whitelisted in the PBX.

The Click2Call request looks like this:


CRM_ID — a static unique CRM vendor ID (mandatory field)

Client_ID — a static unique client ID (mandatory field) 

leg_a — a unique agents/user extension in PBX (mandatory field) 

field leg_b — a number called by an agent (mandatory field) 

field prefix — an additional prefix to be used before a called number (optional field)


  • What is the format of the required data? 
    All required values are expected as an integer data type. The called number should be in the E.164 format.
  • What is an example of a successful response to the Click2Call request?
  • What is an example of an error response? 
    {"success":false,"message":"Extension does not exist.","unique_id":"10000000.1000","leg_a":"10270000","leg_b":"*4477668899","pbx":"subdomain.pbx.commpeak.com"}
  • How do we test the Click2Call integration between the CRM and the PBX?
    CommPeak may use a customer's PBX for test purposes to check and confirm successful Click2Call requests from the CRM.

To learn more about Click2Call, check Click2Call Overview.‍

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