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CommPeak Click2Call Extension

CommPeak - PBX Click2Call is a Google Chrome browser extension that enables you to make outbound calls by clicking phone numbers on web pages. 

Follow the steps below to set it up and make your calls from the browser.


CommPeak - PBX Click2Call is available exclusively for Cloud PBX users.

Extension Setup

To set up the CommPeak - PBX Click2Call extension:

  1. Download the extension from the chrome web store, or search the store for CommPeak - PBX Click2Call.
    Don't confuse with another extension CommPeak - Asterisk Click2Call. 
  2. Click Add to Chrome and then agree to add the extension.1.png
  3. The extensions toolbar in the browser will notify you that it has been added:2.png
  4. In the browser, click on the extension icon and go to Options.

    To see the icon in the extension toolbar, pin it to the toolbar.

  5. In CommPeak - PBX Click2Call box, fill in the necessary information. Then click Save Settings.

Instance ID - please contact the support team for the ID.

Extension - enter agent login from PBX Stats>Configuration>Agents.

Profiles - click Add Profile and create outbound route profiles by entering prefixes and route names.



The prefixes should be configured first in Cloud PBX. For more information, please contact the support team.

Extension Parameters

To view extension parameters, open your Google Chrome, click the extension icon in the top right corner, click the ellipsis icon next to CommPeak - PBX Click2Call, and select Manage extensions.


Here you can view the list of parameters:


Parameter Description

Click the toggle switch to enable or disable the extension.


Information about the developer and some details about the extension.


The version of the extension you’re currently using.


The amount of space needed for the extension.


A list of allowed options within the extension.

Site access

Information on any additional site access.

Allow in incognito

Click the toggle switch to enable or disable the extension in incognito mode.

Extension options

Click to be redirected to extension options.

Open extension website

Click to go to the extension website.

View in Chrome Web Store

Click to go to Chrome Web Store


Information on where the extension was taken from.

Remove extension

Click to delete the extension.

Click2Call Flow

You can now make calls from your browser.

To make a call:

  1. Select the phone number on the web page and right-click on it.
  2. In the context menu that appears, click CommPeak - PBX Click2Call. If you created route profiles, also select a profile:
  3.  Answer the incoming call on your IP phone or softphone to start dialing the chosen destination number.

Incoming calls to initiate dialing the destination number will work both for fixed and ad-hoc devices.

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