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Tetyana Kisyelova
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Configuring Outbound Caller IDs

You can add a new Caller ID from verified DID numbers or modify existing ones. It is a number your called parties will see when they get outbound calls.

To add a Caller ID:


Find out how to login to your PBX control panel from the CommPeak User Portal from the PBX Instances article.

  1. In your PBX control panel, go to Connectivity and select Outbound Routes:
  2. Click Add Outbound Route:
  3.  Fill in the route details:
    • enter a name to locate the route quickly in the list - this information is only visible to you in the PBX control panel
    • enter a number or several numbers in the E.164 format separated with a comma
    • set the Override Extension option to Yes to ignore extension Caller IDs and use this one.
  4.  On the Dial Patterns tab, configure the patterns:
    • prefix: Enter the prefix to be dialed before a phone number.
    • match pattern: International calling code. For example, for calls in all directions, enter X.
    • CallerID: Enter an extension or a range of extensions permitted to make calls in a specific direction.
      4.pngIn the preceding example, all extensions will make calls to phone numbers starting with 440. The extensions from 500 to 509 will make calls internationally if they dial *30 before a phone number.

      For more information about dial patterns, refer to Pattern Help. To open the Help, click on the + in the top right.

  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Apply Config in the top right to apply the settings immediately:

To modify a Caller ID, click Edit in the Actions column, change the ID settings and then click Submit. Click Apply Config to complete the modification.

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