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Agent's Workspace Overview

Agent's Workspace is the interface where you can make and receive clients' calls, check out your call statistics, and report your breaks.

To get to the Agent's Workspace login page, enter your PBX Stats URL followed by /agent. For example: sample.stats.pbx.commpeak.com/agent

On the login page, enter agent credentials‍ (login and password) and click SIGN IN.


By default, you’ll use the CommPeak WebRTC as your device. 

However, you can log in with your SIP device‍ and use the agent's interface just to provide agents' statistics and pause options, without the option of calling from the WebRTC softphone.

To log in with your SIP credentials:

  1. Make sure you have registered your device‍ in the softphone or IP phone.
  2. Enter agent credentials in the Agent's Workspace login window. 
  3. Uncheck the Use our WebRTC as your device box and enter the device number.
  4. Receive an incoming call on your softphone and using voice prompts, enter the agent credentials.

On your workspace, you can see the statistics of all your calls in the following boxes:

Box Description
Total calls The total number of calls you had
Outbound The calls you made
Inbound The calls you received
Total talk time  The time totally spend on talks
Effective calls The calls over 150 seconds
Unanswered calls The calls you didn’t answer
Answered calls The calls you answered
Total break time The time totally spent on breaks

To get to the CommPeak Softphone and start dialing phone numbers, click the dial button.

The built-in softphone application contains all features and benefits of the standalone CommPeak Softphone except multiple SIP accounts.


The section on the right displays the following data:


  • Status
    There are two options: Online and Pause. When you’re online and assigned to any queue, you’ll be able to receive calls. 
    To become unavailable for inbound calls, click PAUSE and choose a break type.5.png
  • Session time
    This time indicates how long you stay logged in to the Portal. Also, you can see the idle time that shows how long you don’t receive or make calls.
  • My Breaks
    This section shows how many pauses you made and the total time spent on a pause.
  • General Info
    Here you can check the device you’re currently using and your Caller ID (at the moment, this feature is in development).
  • Assigned Queues
    You can see the name of the queue you’re assigned to in this section. It means that you’ll receive calls that wait in this exact queue.

To end your session and log out of your workspace, click LOGOUT.


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