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Realtime Actions: Listen, Whisper, Barge, Split Recording

This article explains which actions are available in PBX Stats during the live call.

Please look at a similar article about using the Listen, Whisper, and Barge actions from any softphone application.

Listen, Whisper, Barge

The Whisper action on the Realtime‍ page allows the manager to listen to the agent talking and talk to the agent or to both parties.

To use the feature:


  1. Click Actions3.png on the respective agent's card and select Whisper.
  2. In the window that opens, enter your user login in the box and click Whisper.
  3. Answer the incoming call.

You will start listening to the agent. You can also take the following actions using your softphone's dial pad:

  • Press 5 to switch to the Whisper mode and talk to the agent
  • Press 6 to switch to the Barge mode and talk to both the agent and the customer
  • Press 4 to switch to the Listen mode again and listen to the conversation


Split Call Recording

Sometimes you may need to have a part or several parts of the call as separate files. For this, enable the split recording feature.


To activate the split call recording feature, please open a support request.

After the call recording feature has been activated, agents can use it. They can add splitting markers during live calls by dialing *1 on the softphones or desk phones. From that moment on, the system will record the call in a new file. It is possible to repeat this action as often as needed during the call.

You can listen to or download the resulting call recording part on the CDRs page.

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