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Admin Page

On this page, the users with admin permissions can create various parameters from available templates, edit or delete existing parameters.

To create a new parameter:

  1. Click Create New Parameter.
  2. Select a parameter name from the drop-down list and enter its value in the box.

    For some parameters, you can enter multiple values separated by commas:

  3. Click Save.
Parameter Description
auto_logout_agents The value (hours, digits only) determines in how many hours the agent will be automatically logged out since the log-in.
The default value for all new PBXs is “0” (never logged out).
cdr_custom_fields Defines custom fields to be searched and displayed in the CDRs, provided the cdr_extra_data parameter is activated with the Custom Data value.
In the parameter value, enter the custom field name, e.g., “leadid”, “domain”.
cdr_extra_data   The parameter behavior depends onthe selected value: Custom Data or Ranking.
 If Custom Data is selected, it will add an extra box to the CDR filter and the related column for the custom data in the CDR list. 
Allows listed IP addresses to access Click2Call integration. You can enter multiple values separated by commas.
dashboard_link1 Related to past CRM integrations, not in use for click2call or webhook integrations.
Customizes the time threshold after which your call is considered effective. The default value is 150 seconds.
international_prefixes Hides custom prefixes when making outbound calls. The prefixes will appear in CDR reports. You can enter multiple values separated by commas.
Modifies the sensitivity of the network checker, 300 by default. When the network latency reaches this value, the network quality indicator in the agent's realtime data will become red.

1. We recommend that you correlate the latency value with your average ping result to our PBX server.

2. Set the value above 100.

3. If your average ping result is 100 ms, set the value to 200; 150 ms - to 200-250.

4. If your average ping result is 300 ms, we recommend that you connect to another server closer to your region.

Defines how many first/last digits to hide (replace with X) in the destination phone number in CDRs
You can use only one of these parameters.
max_concurrent_sessions Defines the maximum number of sessions allowed per user. 
This is a security measure to limit user credentials sharing. Sessions are logins to the PBX Stats system from the same IP. 
max_session_time Maximum session time per user in hours, 12 hours by default
Allows listed IP addresses to access call recordings. You can enter multiple values separated by commas.
Hides technical prefixes used for defining tariffs. You can enter multiple values separated by commas.
unreachable_timeout Are activated once the Device gets unregistered within the value (minutes) given. In Example, unreachable_timeout=5 (minutes) means that 5 minutes after the Device got unregistered (lost network connection for some reason) the system will indicate the Device as "Unavailable" and will detach the logged in Agent from the Device. 
webrtc_enable  Allows to log in with Agent credentials and use the web-based CommPeak Softphone instead of Zoiper or any 3rd-party softphone. 
Enter 0 to disable or 1 to enable.

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