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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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Live Sessions

The Live Sessions List page shows the list of active users in your CommPeak Cloud PBX Stats. It allows managers to control users’ activity and disconnect unwanted users as a security measure.  

To open the page, go to Configuration > Live Sessions.


Refer to the following data that describe the session:

  • User - the name of the user who opened the session
  • Ip - IP address of the user
  • Session - session ID
  • Start time - date and time of the session in UTC

You can apply the following actions when necessary:

  • click Terminate all user sessions to end all sessions for the user even if they were initiated on different devices
  • click Terminate current session to end the current session only.

To be able to view live sessions and perform related actions, the user needs the following role permissions:

  • show_live_sessions for accessing the Live Sessions page
  • terminate_all_user_sessions for terminating all sessions
  • terminate_current_session for terminating the current session


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