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Making Calls

Outgoing Calls

To start your call, click numbers on the dialpad or enter the number into the field above it.

If you have configured several SIP accounts, select the required one. 

Disconnected SIP accounts will be grayed out. See how you can reconnect a SIP account in Settings.

Then click the dial button.

Making calls in the full mode:


Making calls in the mini mode:

Enter the number in the suggested field and click the dial button.


Incoming Calls

When a call comes in, the caller's number appears on your screen. To receive an incoming call, click Accept. If you cannot receive it, click Decline.


You won't receive any calls if the DND status is enabled. You can learn how to exit DND and receive calls again from Available and DND Statuses article. 

If the Auto-Answer feature is turned on for the SIP account you are using, the ringtone will play for the number of seconds you have set. Then the ringtone will be interrupted by a short beep signal, meaning that you have been connected and can start talking.

Incoming call in the full mode:


Incoming call in the mini mode:


Сlick the green button to accept the call or the red button to decline it. 

Active Call: Available Actions

When you are on an active call, a few clickable buttons are available.

To complete your call, click the red call end button.

Actions in the full mode:


Actions in the mini mode:

You can get to Transfer Call, Add Call, Call History and expand the window to the full mode via the ellipsis button. 


Transfer Calls

Transfer calls in the full mode:

To redirect your call to another agent:

  1. Click Transfer.
  2. In the window that opens, enter the number to transfer the call to.
  3. Choose any of the two options:

Transfer calls in the mini mode:

To redirect your call to another agent:

  1. Click the ellipsis button. 
  2. In the dropdown menu that opens, click Transfer
  3. Enter the needed number/name. 
  4. Choose whether to transfer the call directly or talk first.


Mute Calls

To make your microphone silent, click Mute. You’ll still be able to hear the other party while they don't hear you.

Click Unmute to let the other party hear you again.

Mute calls in the full mode:


Mute calls in the mini mode:


Click the Mute button to mute your microphone.

Click it again to turn your sound back on.

Hold Calls

Hold calls in the full mode:

To place your active call on hold, click Hold

Click Unhold to connect back to the call.


Hold calls in the mini mode:

Click the Hold button to place the call on hold.

Click it again to return to the call.



To have a keypad in front of you, click Keypad and then press digits on it. For example, you can use it to listen, whisper, and barge.

Your ongoing call(s) will be displayed in the green header above the keypad.

Keypad in the full mode:


Keypad in the mini mode:


Add Call

Add call in the full mode: 

  1. Click Add Call. 
  2. In the window that opens, enter the number to call to.
  3. Click the dial button.


Add call in the mini mode: 

  1. Click the ellipsis button.
  2. In the dropdown menu that opens, click Add Call. 
  3. Enter the number/name to call to.
  4. Click the dial button. 


Multi Lines

One agent can have up to six calls at a time. All of them are displayed in a list of active calls.

If you are on one call, other lines are put on hold. 

Multi lines in full mode:


Multi lines in mini mode:


Conference Call

To add a call to the conference, click the merge button next to it. 

If you end the conference, all participants are disconnected.

Add call to the conference in the full mode:


Add call to the conference in the mini mode:


Volume Sliders

The sliders let you adjust the microphone and speaker volume during a call. They are synchronized with system volume. 

Volume sliders in full mode:


Volume sliders in mini mode:

Click the expand icon to access the sliders.

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