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Hang up by Cause Report

The Hang up by Cause report visualizes hangups for the selected time period with a breakdown by causes.

To run the report: 

  1. On the Dialer home page, click Reports and select Hang up by Cause
  2. Set the necessary parameters under Search Params to filter the report output. Please refer to the table below for instructions.1.png
  3. Click Generate to run the report and display it in the lower part of the page.
Field Description
Period Specify the date and time range for the report. On the Dates tab, select the starting and ending date and time. Alternatively, on the Bookmarks tab, select one of the specified ranges from the dropdown list.

Filling out this field is mandatory.

Calls Type Leave [Any] or select campaign calls, phonebook calls, manual calls, or incoming calls.
Campaigns Select one or more campaigns. This parameter is optional.
Users Select one or more agents. If you don’t specify any agent, the report will extract data for all users.
Groups, Skill Groups, User Tags Select a group of users to show in the report output (optional).
Clocked Out Reasons Select reasons defined inTenant Clocked Out Reasons. If none is selected, all breaks are displayed. This feature will help you to understand what agents did on their last call to avoid agents' hangups to end their shift.

The page will display Hangup and SIP Term graphs.

Hangup Graph

Please find explanations of hangup causes below. For more information, refer to the Q.850 to SIP Code Table.


  • No Answer. The end subscriber phone was ringing with no answer; the call was not billed.
  • Normal Temporary Failure. The call didn't reach the end subscriber phone, most likely a number issue.
  • Normal Clearing. The end subscriber answered the call; therefore, the call was billed.
  • No User Response. Most likely, a number issue (the number is either not active or switched off).
  • Originator Cancel. The end subscriber phone was ringing with no answer; then the caller hung up the call.

If the system tagged a lead as No Answer, it is also in No Answer cause in the Hang Up by Cause report.

SIP Term Graph

This graph at the bottom of the page provides a breakdown by SIP codes, where 0 stands for the unspecified reason with no other code applicable.


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