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Filter Groups

Filter groups are an essential part of user group creation. They are the filters that will indicate which leads each group of agents can call. When leads go through these filters, they form categories that match groups of agents with corresponding skills‍. 

CommPeak support team will assist you with configuring the filters.

To access the filter groups, go to Users and select Groups. Click Edit in the Actions column.

Scroll down to the Filter Groups section. Usually, several filters combine leads into categories. The bigger box on the left shows the filter name that clearly states the filter's purpose or specific leads you intend to call from this filter.


There is a group of controls on the right of each filter rule. The weight option enables prioritizing the filters by setting the sequence for their processing. To use this setting, select weight from the dropdown box and enter the number of leads in the box next to it. 
If you wish to temporarily disable a filter group, select off.


The weight setting works as a ratio. In the example above, we could have entered 30, 20, and 10 with the same effect.

In the example above, the Dialer will process three leads from the New Leads group per two leads from the Leads 15 Days group, and per one lead from the Leads 30 Days group. When there are no leads in all these groups anymore, it will use the leads from the Failover group.

These are controls for removing or expanding the filter:4.png

In the expanded view, Leads Filtering Settings with filter lines are displayed. You can combine several lines using the AND/OR logic. 


It is recommended to create object lists and use them in filter groups. You will only need to modify the object list when making filter adjustments instead of editing each filter group. Follow the link to learn how to add object lists.

There are many filtering options and configurations. Contact the support team or your account manager for more information on a particular choice.


Before modifying the filter groups and creating new ones, please familiarize yourself with the information in this article.

After the filter groups have been set, you can test them to see how many available leads a group can call. Read about the lead distribution simulator here‍. 

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