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Elena Tkachenko
Elena Tkachenko
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Generating SMS Delivery Reports

Event Data Records (EDRs) store data of your outbound SMS messages. 

To generate an EDR report:

  1. Expand SMS in the main menu on the left and then click EDRs
  2. Set search filters to select a date range, DNIS, network, message delivery status or SMS channel. 
  3. Click Search.
  4. The page will display a dashboard indicating the number of sent or failed messages, and status and country graphs.
  5. Click Export EDRs below the graph to create a task and download a report as a CSV file. It will take some time for the system to generate a report, depending on the EDR amount.
  6. Click VIEW EXPORTS QUEUE in the top-right corner to access generated reports. 
  7. When the report is ready, you can download it by clicking on the download button. 

The following table contains column explanations.

Field Description
Sender name Sender ID (name or number)
Destination number
Date and time in UTC  when the SMS was sent
MCC Mobile country code
MNC Mobile network code
Network Mobile network name
DNIS Destination number
Status SMS status 
Rate The rate per message in your chosen currency (EUR or USD)
Channel SMS channel used to send the message

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