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Sending Test SMS Messages

Before sending messages to live customers, you would want to check that your channels are working the way that you expect. If you have created channels and integrated the CommPeak SMS gateway with your system, you are ready to test your channels.

For this purpose, the tester functionality is available to you. In the tester, you can also generate HTTP queries that you can send directly from a browser. 

To test SMS channels:

  1. Expand SMS in the main menu on the left, then click Tester.
  2. Fill in the necessary information and then click SEND MESSAGE.

Field Instructions
SMS Streams From the drop-down list, select a stream you want to test.
Sender ID You can enter here your registered brand or campaign name. For Direct product, you can set an alphanumeric sender ID (for some countries, it needs to be pre-approved). For Gold or Wholesale product, it can be either alpha name or only numeric.
Destination number Enter the destination number in the international E.164 formatting.

You can enter up to 160 characters per message in GSM character set or fewer depending on the input language. If you need to send a longer message, the system will divide it into several shorter ones. The subscriber will receive it as one complete SMS.


This is the HTTP query the tester will send. Click COPY to copy it and then send it yourself from your browser.


You can list up to 100 destination numbers in the query separated by commas. Please bear in mind that the SMS price will multiply accordingly.

Pricing The rate per message in your chosen currency (EUR or USD) will load depending on the MCC (mobile country code) and MNC (mobile network code) of the subscriber. 

The system will attempt to send your message. Then it will display a notification at the bottom of the page about its delivery:

  • Message sent successfully. 

Your SMS channel is up and running. You can now send messages to your customers.

  • Message delivery failed.

The most frequent error is that your current IP address differs from your channel's IP address. The system will prompt you to change it. If you use SMPP integration, ensure you perform testing from your SMPP server. If the error is not related to IP, contact support.

You can view the data of all your outbound SMS messages in EDRs.

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