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Tetyana Kisyelova
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Realtime Dashboard Templates

When you start working with the Dialer, you get the Realtime Dashboard page's default configuration that the CommPeak support team enabled for you. You can customize the page according to your needs to see more lead details or change color and priority settings. For this, you need to create your own dashboard template.

Creating a Template

To create a real-time dashboard template:

  1. Go to Tenant and select Realtime Dashboard Templates:
  2. Click Create New Realtime Template.2.png
  3. Enter the template name and select the checkbox next to Make this template visible to all users to make the new template public. Then enter lead details in curly brackets separated by commas. You will see this information on the Realtime page in call details.
  4. After you click Create, the newly created template will appear in the list.
  5. Click Color to create logical rules for highlighting specific information in the agent list on the Realtime page.
  6. Click Create New Color Settings.
  7. Enter the name. Then select background and text colors. Check the box next to Animate Line? to create a blinking effect.
    Then select background and text colors.
  8. In the Conditions section, create logical conditions that will trigger applying the colors. Configure filter rules similarly to campaign filters.
    Click Create.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 to create as many color settings as you need.
  10. Return to Tenant > Realtime Dashboard Templates and click Priorities in the template line to set the order of precedence in the list on the Realtime page. 9.png
  11. Click Create New Priority Settings.
  12. Enter the name and select the priority level:
    • Hidden - select it if you wish to exclude some agents from the page (for example, offline agents)
    • Sorted - enables setting priorities for showing some agents in the list on the Realtime page
    • Unsorted - the agents will appear at the bottom of the list
  13. In the Conditions section, create logical conditions that will trigger applying the priority settings.
  14. Click Create.
  15. Repeat steps 12-15 to create as many priority settings as you need.
  16. For sorted priorities, set levels using numbers from 2 to 1000. Hover over the level field and click the arrows to set the necessary number. The smaller the number the higher the agents will appear on the Realtime page. 


Template Actions

To modify or delete a template:

  1. Go to Tenant and select Realtime Dashboard Templates.
  2. Select one of the actions in the Actions column in the template row:
    • Edit if you wish to modify its name, add or remove some lead details, make it visible to other users or hide it from them.
    • Colors to modify its color settings.
    • Priorities to modify its priority settings.
    • Delete to remove the template.

Applying Templates

You can apply a dashboard template on the Predictive Realtime Stats page. Click Choose Template in the top right corner and select a template you wish to apply:


This will affect the layout of the agent list and real-time call details:14.png

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