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Getting Your Agents Started - Manager’s Guide

Welcome to the guide on how to get your agents started with the Dialer. 

When the system is set up, all you need to do is create your agent users, help them log in, and train them. After they start receiving their first calls, you can watch their operation and monitor their progress.

Learn how to create users, reset their passwords, and perform the steps needed for your agent to log in. Then we will walk you through pages of the agent workspace.

This guide contains the links to the accompanying articles and video guides from our knowledge base.

Creating Agent User

Please follow the Creating Users video guide or refer to the User Management article for instructions. You can edit users later if there is a need to modify their permissions or other settings.



Copy the temporary user password at the top of the user creation page as it appears only for a few seconds after you click Create.


Login Credentials

The Dialer login link is the same for all your users, whether they are administrators, managers, or agents. So you can send them the same link as you use.


It is possible to whitelist IP addresses and/or countries for accessing your Dialer domain. Please refer to the Tenant Settings article for more information. 


Send the agent the username you entered and the temporary password the system generated when creating a new agent user.

Upon the first login, the system will prompt the agent to generate a permanent password.

Resetting Passwords

Administrators can reset passwords from the Users page. Apply the search filters to find the needed user quickly.


The next step is to click Reset Password in the Actions column.5.png 

After you confirm this action, a new temporary password will appear at the top left corner for a few seconds.

Copy the password and send it to the agent. The system will prompt the agent to reset it on the next login. 

You can reset the password for an agent at any time if you wish to terminate their access.

Agent Workflow

Agents have fewer permissions than administrators or managers. They can receive calls in the predictive mode, make calls in the manual mode or work with the list of their appointed meetings with the leads.

You can find the introduction of the agent's interface in the Getting Started Guide for Agents.

Please use the following resources from our knowledge base to train the agents:

Getting Help

You can schedule a training session, receive answers to your questions, or report an issue. Please submit a support ticket or turn to your account manager for more information.

The live chat option at the bottom right corner of the page enables you to quickly connect with a CommPeak support specialist.


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