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Elena Tkachenko
Elena Tkachenko
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Creating a New Lookup

On the New Lookup tab, you can create lookups in two ways: 

  • Upload a file with numbers to perform a bulk search
  • Enter numbers one by one to look them up individually

Bulk Search

To search for multiple numbers, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the Import multiple numbers from a file option.
  2. Give the list a name to easily identify it.
  3. Drag and drop the file from your device. It can be a .csv file or a .txt file with numbers separated by a new line.
  4. Specify if numbers in the file are in the international or local format. If you select the local format, specify the country.
  5. Enter your email if you want the results to be sent to it.
  6. Click SUBMIT.


After you have submitted the file, you will view its content in the pop-up window. Please select the column with phone numbers and put a checkmark below the table if you want to ignore the column header. Also, make sure you click SAVE.2.png

Checking Numbers One by One

To check individual numbers, please follow these steps:

  1. Select the Lookup single numbers option.
  2. Input one number in the E.164 international format.
  3. Click SUBMIT.



HLR lookups are priced individually. Please make sure you have checked the price list.

Right before final confirmation and submission, you proceed to the review page. Here you can see how many numbers are going to be submitted and their estimated price.


After making sure everything is alright, click CONFIRM & SUBMIT. The system will process the data and update you when everything is ready. To learn about lookup searches, please check Using My Lookups and My Results‍.‍ 

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