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Elena Tkachenko
Elena Tkachenko
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Commission Payout

The Payouts tab lets you make new payout requests for the commission you’ve earned and view information on previous requests. 

You can check the total amount of your commission in the top right corner.


To place a new request, click REQUEST PAYOUT, fill the form with relevant information, and click REQUEST below. After that, the request will be displayed in the table where you can track its status.

As soon as you submit the payout form, you will receive an email requesting that you send us your personal or company invoice. The email contains CommPeak billing details and specifies what information you should include in the invoice. We will initiate the payout process as soon as we receive your invoice. 

It is also possible to send an invoice right from Reseller — just fill out the form and add a PDF file. Please indicate where to send the payout in Request details and make sure invoice details match the data in your Reseller account. 


You can make a new payout request only after the previous request is approved.


Taxes and other payables to the government are the responsibility of the Reseller. Please remember to indicate this in your invoice.

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