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Cryptocurrency Payments

This article provides instructions about paying for CommPeak services in cryptocurrencies. 

You can find the general payment guidelines in the Adding Credit to Your Account article.

If you want to pay with a cryptocurrency, on the Add Credit window, select Voice or SMS account and then choose Crypto in the payment method. In the payment type, select direct payments or use the BitPay service. 


Complete the on-screen steps for direct payments or BitPay service as explained in the following sections.

We apply the exchange rate effective at the moment when we receive the transaction. It will be confirmed when your full payment has received six confirmations on the blockchain. On average, it takes an hour.

Direct Payments

For such payments, the rate is set when the transaction is received.

Before making a payment, you must read and accept the CommPeak Crypto Payments Policy. This document explains what happens to your direct crypto payments in various cases. Then, you can proceed with your payment as described in this section.


If the Direct Payments option is not available, contact CommPeak support. After they have enabled it for you, make sure to reload your browser and then proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Agree to the CommPeak Crypto Payments Policy

  1. If you are making a direct payment with cryptocurrencies for the first time, you will see a link to the CommPeak Direct Crypto Payments Policy. Click the link, thoroughly read the document and agree to it.

    The agreement approval box will be absent if you have already accepted the policy. In this case, you can proceed to Step 2.


    This policy document explains what happens to your direct crypto payments in various cases. Take the time to read it carefully and make sure you understand CommPeak refund policy for crypto, due diligence and verification process, and how we handle failed or non-compliant transactions.

  2. After familiarizing yourself with the policy guidelines, you can just enter your my.commpeak.com user account password in the following box and click I ACCEPT.
    You need to accept the guidelines to make direct crypto payments.

Step 2: Select a Currency and Deposit Network

  1. Select a currency and deposit network from the Pay With dropdown list that appears. We accept the following coins:
    • Bitcoin - via the BTC network
    • Ethereum - via the ERC20/BEP20 networks
    • Tether USDT - via the Tron (TRC20) network
  2. After you've selected both the currency and the desired delivery network, the following screen will show you the new destination crypto address for you to use to make the payment. The deposit wallet address is dedicated to your CommPeak profile.

    The deposit wallet address that is presented to you is your updated address generated for the new Direct Crypto Payment policy. Since 2023-08-15 your old wallet address is no longer valid.
    Click here to read what happens if you made payment to your old address by mistake.

Step 3: Run Transaction Verification Query

Please use a transaction verification simulator to ensure your transaction will be accepted and avoid the unpleasant situation when the deposit was made and then declined due to compliance failure.

Here, you can run a test transaction to see if it is compliant with CommPeak automated verification system.

  1. Leave the deposit wallet address as it is. In the Source Funds will be sent from this wallet box, enter your crypto wallet from which you will send funds.
  2. Enter the amount of the intended transaction in the chosen cryptocurrency in the lowest box of the transaction simulator.

    You plan to top up your CommPeak account with the equivalent of 2 ETH. Select Ethereum as your crypto coin and then choose the desired deposit network. After the system has generated a deposit address, enter your source wallet address below it. In the box next to Query Transaction enter 2 which is your amount as shown in the following screenshot. Now you can run a test query.

  3. Click Query Transaction.
  4. A pop-up window will inform you that the query has been created and that you will receive a notification to your registered email address about its result. Please allow up to 10-15 minutes for the email to arrive.

    1. The query will simulate a transaction and verify its compliance.

    2. CommPeak reserves the right and the final decision on whether or not to accept the inbound transfer regardless of the compliance status of a test transaction. 

    3. The first query per payment is free. Each subsequent query per payment costs USD 0.5. Next free query appears automatically after each successful direct crypto payment. You can learn more in Crypto Payments FAQ.

  5. Once the email has confirmed the query as compliant, you can go ahead and proceed to the actual payment from the chosen wallet and in the intended amount.
    If your query is identified as non-compliant, sending the transaction from that wallet and in that amount is not safe. Please find a wallet address for making the payment compliant with CommPeak Direct Crypto Payment Policy.

Step 4: Send Your Payment

After you've successfully verified your transaction, you can make your payment. 


1. Addresses for VoIP and SMS top-ups are different.

2. The minimum transaction amount is USD $ 25.

  1. Copy your wallet address.
  2. You can go to your wallet and send the transaction using the address you just copied.
  3. After you send the transaction, you will receive an email about its status. If it was declined or blocked, please don't hesitate to contact CommPeak support.

BitPay Service

For payments using the BitPay service, the rate is guaranteed.


Once you start the payment process with BitPay, you have only 15 minutes to complete the payment.

  1.  Select an amount to credit from the dropdown list.4.png
  2. Click Checkout and proceed to BitPay to pay the invoice.
    After you choose your wallet, you will see a list of accepted coins. 
  3. Log in to your account and make the payment.

For more information, refer to the following BitPay articles:

Refund Policy

The refunded Bitcoin amount will be calculated using the BBB rate when the refund is made. The precise refund amount in cryptocurrency will likely differ from the amount initially paid. However, the refund equivalent in the base currency (USD or Euro) will be the same as the original charge.

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