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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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Payment Management Overview

Your account at my.commpeak.com offers various options for managing your payments and controlling your spending.

If you want to know about tariffs for voice calls and SMS messages first, refer to the call and SMS pricing guide.

On the Dashboard, you can monitor your spending and browse to other payment-related options:

  • Dynamic spending overview. This box shows a graph of your recent spending. By default, you see the last week but can switch to other time ranges. You can click View Report to move to the more detailed balance overview graph. 
  • Subscription based services. This box informs you about the subscription-based services you use and their monthly fees.
  • Last top-up. Here you see the sum of your last top-up and can go to the window where you add credit to your account‍. 
  • Consumption rates. Displays the expected number of days you have until your balance is entirely consumed. Also calculates your average daily consumption.
  • Low balance threshold notifications. Shows the threshold at which you will be notified of low balance and offers a recommended threshold for your account. From here, you can also browse to the page where the threshold is edited. 

For more payment management options, click your profile icon and go to Account Settings

Here you can see the history of all your payments‍, check issued invoices‍, view your recurring payments‍, and your open credits‍.

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