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Tetyana Kisyelova
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Inventory, Reports and Notifications

In your CommPeak User Portal, you can find information about your virtual numbers, set notifications, and view payments.

In the DIDS section at the bottom of the home page, you can view activity by country and information about the statuses.




To access the inventory list, expand DIDs in the menu on the left. Then click the Inventory tab.

You can search for virtual numbers using various criteria. Enter multiple numbers separated by the comma in the DID Number field, search by purchase orders, identities, etc., or click on the checkboxes next to statuses.


DID Number The number itself also shows tag(s) and number type (geo, national or toll-free)
Order # Purchase order number
Identity Identity of the virtual number set on its purchase
Incoming SMS If the number supports incoming SMS messages, click here to view messages sent to this number
URI Forward Voice URI
PSTN Your personal, mobile, or another number to which you forward calls from this virtual number
Spam Number status as a result of spam check
State Virtual number enabled (green) or suspended (grey, not enough balance)
Exp. Date Expiry date
Monthly Fee Monthly recurring charge
Toll Free Rates Inbound call rates (fixed, mobile, or payphone)
Test call Click the button to initiate a test call to the number
5.png Click on this button to download the list of the displayed virtual numbers as a CSV file

SMS and FAX Reports

In these tabs, you can view a report about inbound SMS or FAX messages. By default, the page contains data for all messages and shows the sender's number (Caller ID), delivery time, cost per one message, and delivery email addresses. 


Set search filters to search for virtual numbers separated by the comma, a specific Caller ID, or date range by selecting the first and last day in the interactive calendar. Then click Search.

Notifications and Payments

You can set notifications about recurring charges and usage of your virtual numbers.

To view payments made for your virtual numbers, go to payment history and invoices.

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