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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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How to Receive DID Incoming Calls

For you to receive incoming calls to your DID number, you need to set call forwarding to your SIP account, voice URI, or a landline or mobile number.

Do it as follows:

1. At my.commpeak.com, go to DIDs -> Configure.

2. Select the checkbox next to one or a few DID numbers that you want to forward.


3. In the For and do fields above the list of DIDs, select appropriate options. 

  • For lets you define if to apply the action towards checked DIDs or all DIDs on the list.
  • do lets you define your actions with the selected DIDs. In the dropdown menu, select the forward option you need: Set Forward SIP Account, Set Forward Voice URI, Set Forward PSTN, etc.

4. Click Apply Changes.

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