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Using the Streams SMS API in my.commpeak.com

You can send one or multiple marketing messages using Streams SMS API service in your my.commpeak.com account. You can copy available API tokens and use them to authenticate your API requests. You can also create new tokens.


We strongly recommend that before you start using the Streams SMS API, you review the related API documentation.

The first step is to activate the SMS service as described in the Getting Started article.

Default API Tokens

After the SMS service activation, you can go to SMS Stream API. Expand SMS in the main menu and select SMS Platform

On the SMS Platform and SMS API page, you can find two default tokens ready for use. Click the eye icon to show the token and then copy it for future use.

Click the pencil icon to change the stream name and add one or more IP addresses from which you will make API calls. To add an IP, enter it and click +. Then click Save.

Creating New API Tokens

To create an API token:

  1. Click on the plus sign next to the number of available streams. 
  2. In the pop-up window that appears on the right, enter the name of the new stream.  
  3. In the Stream Type field, select one of the options:
    Marketing - for sending marketing messages
  4. In the IP ACL field, you can add one or more IPs that will be allowed to access the API using this authentication token.
  5. Click CREATE SMS STREAM TOKEN at the bottom of the page. 
    The stream will be added to the list.
  6. To get the token, click on the eye icon in the API Token field on the needed line. This will reveal it. Then you can copy it to use it on your API tool.
    You will find further instructions about creating API requests in our API documentation.
  7. Later, you can click the edit icon and change the stream name and allowed IPs.

Below the list of your API streams, you can see links that you can use to learn more about TextPeak - CommPeak's SMS platform.
TextPeak is a free tool for creating bulk SMS campaigns with a variety of customization options for your messages.
To start using TextPeak, click Login to TextPeak

After you have created API streams, you can send test messages to make sure the service works well.

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