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Crypto Payments FAQ

Which Cryptocurrencies does CommPeak support for Direct Crypto Payments?

CommPeak supports the following coins: 

  • Bitcoin - via the BTC network
  • Ethereum - via ERC20/BEP20 networks
  • Tether-USDT - via the Tron (TRC20) network

I need the option for direct payments in crypto. What do I do?

If the Direct Payments option is not available, contact CommPeak support. After they have enabled it for you, make sure to reload your browser and then proceed with the direct payment procedure.

How is the fee for transaction verification query calculated?

You get one free query. Each subsequent query per payment costs USD 0.5. The following free query appears automatically after each successful direct crypto payment. 

What if I want to make multiple queries per transaction?

You can definitely do that; the first query will be free, and every query following it will cost USD 0.5. Once you make a successful payment, you will get another free query to facilitate your next transaction. 

What would happen to my wallet if I had made direct payments before?

If you had made direct payments before the new CommPeak Crypto Payments Policy, all your existing deposit wallet addresses are archived and no longer active.

After you have approved the new policy, a new wallet address will be generated for you. Please make sure to use only that address and not the old one.

What happens if I send money to my old address by mistake?

  • All payments to old wallet addresses generated before 2023-08-15 will be blocked automatically and sent for manual review by the CommPeak team.

  • If the transaction complies with CommPeak Crypto Payment and AML policies, our team will approve it manually. This can happen only once. After that, the old wallet address is archived forever and cannot be used to load more funds into your CommPeak account.

    Every additional payment made to this archived address will be lost forever.

  • Once a payment has been made to an old archived address, you will get an email notifying you that the transaction is pending review and approval by CommPeak team. This email will also tell you that the address used in this transaction has been archived and cannot be used further. 

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