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Tetyana Kisyelova
Tetyana Kisyelova
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Viewing Network Statistics

You can monitor network latency for all your PBX extensions, including CommPeak Softphone, any other 3rd party softphones or IP phones.

The latency shows how fast data packets travel from the extension to the server and back.

To load PBX network statistics:

  1. In the CommPeak portal, expand Cloud PBX in the left pane and click PBX Instances.
  2. Click the Network Statistics icon on the right of the PBX instance.
  3. Select beginning and end dates and times in UTC in the interactive calendar, then click SHOW STATISTICS.

    The resulting window displays network latency in milliseconds (ms) over time. It contains graphs for all extensions registered on the PBX server. Hover over the graph to see the extension number.


    The acceptable latency value should not exceed 150 ms. The peaks on the graph indicate network issues on your side that affect the quality and stability of your agent calls.

  4. To display the statistics for specific extension(s), enter one or several numbers separated by commas in the extension box as follows, then click SHOW STATISTICS:
    • 999999999 + agent login (e.g., 9999999992000) for CommPeak Softphone
    • device number only (e.g., 500) for Zoiper, any other 3rd party softphones, or IP phone devices. 

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